7 ways you can maintain a good Eye Sight

As an essential part of the body, your eyes are very vital for vision and hence you should be taking proper care of your eyes as negligence could be disastrous. Give your eyes the appropriate attention it needs so as it stays fit for you.

Just how you take care of your body generally, you also need to look into the proper caring of your body and as such maintaining your overall health. Always visit a good doctor for proper checkup if you notice any abnormalities in your sight. Do not take things for granted as regards your eyes.

Follow these few tips below to maintain a very healthy and good eye sight, and also to prevent any lose of money due to negligence or mistakes on your own part.

If you would be practicing all we would highlight here, then you would probably be increasing your chances of keeping a good eye sight by 90 percent. Just stay focused on what you do and try out the best among all that you can handle easily. It is never a do or die affair but with determination you can really get things done.


We can not over emphasize on the need to have proper and good meals through out your life time. Eating well not only adds value to you but increases your overall body performance. As well as helping your eyes to function more effectively, it adds much more nutritional value to other essential parts of your body. We do not want to say much as regards why you need to strive to get quality meals served everyday, but if you are looking for a better body system, it definitely should be a priority.

There are some nutrients that specifically helps in improving eye sight and if these nutrients are lacking in any way, then you should already know that you are not giving in your best for your eyes. Try to take in good foods and fruits that can provide you nutrients like Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, lutein, zinc. These nutrients help fight off age-related vision problems also and you see you will end up improving both eyes and other body parts.

Eating Vegetables, oranges, citrus fruits, Tuna, Salmon, Oysters, Pork, Oily fish, nuts, beans will go a long way to help you maintain a good eye sight. They fight common bacteria that usually disturb the functionality of the eyes. Keep in touch with your doctor if you find anything abnormal with your eyes as food alone can not correct those errors.

Staying healthy comes by eating good food, which would in return prevent you from other illness or obesity, which in turn can go a long way to trigger blindness.


A safety glass is important if you want to prevent drops of chemicals to your eyes while working with dangerous chemicals. It can also be used when not in a working place, maybe while taking a walk down the streets and there are chances that the atmosphere is bad or dusty. You wouldn’t want those particles of sand to enter your eyes. The air might also be blowing off earth crust and this will definitely lead to sand particles flying. To keep your eyes safe, you need to wear an eye shade, so try to always act wisely while going to such unconducive areas.

If you work with a company that deals with direct Sun rays or other lightening firms whose lightning can outshine or shines as bright as that of the Sun, you are highly advised to use a dark sun glasses, to reduce drastically the effect of such direct Sun rays. Do not look directly into very bright lights even while at work.


We know you have a lot of work to do with your personal computers and laptops at home but be assured that we want to give you the best and healthy tips to keep your eyes healthy. We know the importance of your work or probably you love gaming with you computer, but you need to avoid excessive use or constant usage of the computer screen. The light rays are something else and could impact on your overall eye vision.

Looking into the screen for long is bad for someone who wants to maintain a good eye sight. It must not be all about your computer or laptop. Using the TV set over an elongated period of time would necessarily be triggering an error to your eye sight. Please avoid such and always take some time off your computer screen or television set.


Ever wondered why some persons are not growing and looking healthy? It could really be as a result of so many or few bad habits practiced by such individual. Repeated practice of ill manners and use of drugs or smoking can cause serious side effects to your well being which in turns affects how your eyes function. If you must maintain a god eye sight, you also need to maintain good body habits, eat well and stay healthy generally.

Smoking makes it possible for you to suffer from cataracts. It can harm your optic nerve, and macular degeneration, and many other medical cases. Try to quit such bad habit of smoking and if you are really finding it difficult, you will need to contact your doctor for help and other medical advice.


Exercise is generally good for the body well being. It strengthens muscles and relaxes our body tissues, and keeps them alert and strong. If you are not a sporty person and find it difficult to give in to a regular form of exercise, you can always try to catch some exercise once in a while but not for a very long period.

It must not be everyday or as frequent as you may think, but getting to exercise your body when you are over due will help maintain good body wellbeing and in turn help your eye sight. Cases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes are being reduced to the least when you exercise as much as possible. If these cases are avoided, you will be preventing eye problems that arise as a result of these cases.


It may sound odd or off the line but this is one important tip to making sure your eyes are in good conditions or rather remain in good conditions. We at times touch our eyes with our hands and for some people they do this more often than could be imagined. If your hands are dirty, you will keep sending the wrong signals to your eyes and damaging your eyes.

Some bacteria can be transmitted from your hands into your eyes and cause things like bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye). When you touch your eye with your hands, you are as well giving it to permission to send in any bacteria it holds and as such we need to be careful when ever we feel like or want to touch our eyes, especially for those using contact lenses.

Many people will seem to over look this fact and keep practicing it and gradually killing their eyes. Try as much as possible to be sure your hands are neat before using them to touch your eyes, if you really value your eyes and intend to keep them safe as much as possible.


Going too fat or gaining so much weight than usual can be disastrous to your health. Weighs you down and stunts your ability to move around freely and work efficiently. Having much weight can cause health challenges which in turn will damage and disturb your vision. Try to eat lightly at night and participate in routine exercise that can help check mate your weight.

Also staying fit and eating good foods that helps reduce weight, if you already gained more than usual, can go a long way to help you fight over weight, as this can eventually lead to eye related problems which can cost a lot of money. So always do your best to stay within your normal weight range and not getting over weighty.


We have discussed seven ways you can keep not just your eyes healthy but both your body in general and improve the metabolic processes taking place in your body. Every one deserves a better life and the step to live a better and healthier life starts with you and how you treat your body. Always eat good food, plan yourself for some routine exercise and make sure to always be in check of your weight.

Report any abnormal findings about your eyes straight to a doctor. Do not wait while it gets so severe and intense as the result might be cumbersome to deal with at that stage. Make sure you are trying all your best to meet up to a normal healthy lifestyle, by also striving to avoid all forms of bad life habits.

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