How To Insert Email Links To Web Document Using HTML

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Just like inserting text links and image links to web documents using HTML, we can also use the same similar method to insert email links to web documents using HTML. In this article we will be focusing on how Email links can be easily embedded on web document using HTML. In our previous article, we looked at the image links and how we can easily create them. if you havent gone through the tutorial, you can do so using the link below

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Introduction to HTML Email Links

HTML emails links are quite easy to insert on a web page but in some cases, they come with a lot more risk. Using this method can easily expose your emails to lots of email harvesting software used by spammers and hackers to harvest emails online. But there are are few other alternative which are quite preferable to the HTML email links and they include the use of forms.

Your can use the basic HTML forms to collect emails and then use a PHP or CGI scripts to send the mail to the recipient .

We can also use the web contact form option to replace the traditional email option. The contact form allows users contact the website owner without accessing the actual email address.

HTML forms are very simple to create and you will get to learn more on forms if your read through the topics on HTML available on our website.


The traditional anchor tags (<a> & </a>) allows developers to easily embed the email links into them. The mailto: structure is added to the opening anchor tag as shown in the example below

<a href = "mailto:">Click to Send Email</a>


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

   <a href = "mailto:">Click to Send Email</a>


Click to Send Email

Clicking the above link will lead you a email messaging system if you have one installed on your device.


The above article fully explains how the HTML email links works and how you can easily use them on your web document. If you have questions on this topic, kindly let us know using the below comment section.


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