How to Insert Image Links To HTML Web Document

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Sometimes developers come up with reason why they need links embedded on images and clicking this images should lead users to a different web page. Such functionality can be achieved using HTML image links. In this article we will be looking at HTML images links and how we can insert them into our web page. In our previous tutorial, we looked at HTML text links and how we can used them. If you havent gone through the tutorial, you can do so using the link below

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Introduction to HTML images Links

HTML images links are links added at the back of images on HTML web pages. They are quite similar to permalinks and perform similar functionality as the permalinks. Typical Example on how to use image links is shown below

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

   <a href=""  target="_self"  >
      <img     src="/html/image.jpeg" alt="themustfeed"  border="0" >

Taking a careful observation on the above codes, you can see that we have image tags placed clearly between the anchor tags.

Mouse-Sensitive Images

Another important feature html allows developers to install on image links is the ability to have more than one link on an image. This simply means that we can have more than one link placed on an image on a web document using HTML. Each link will be placed at different coordinates of the same image and will lead to different destinations.

Such kind of images are called image maps. Which simply means mapping the images with different links at different positions or coordinates.

We have two basic ways of creating image maps

  • The Server side image maps: This image mapping is achieved using the ismap html attributed to the <img> HTML tag and it also needs a suitable server and some image-map processing app.
  • The Client side image maps: This image mapping is achieved using the usemap html attribute of the <img> tag with the <map> and <area> HTML tags


The above article fully explains in details how the HTML image links works. If you have questions on this topic, kindly let us know using the comment section below


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